Grande Utopia EM
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A little craziness makes
the Utopias move forward.

The very structured shape of the Grande Utopia EM immediately evokes a kind of spine. Stylistic effect? No because the design axis chosen for Utopia 3 brushes aside anything superfluous. Function justifies shape and if the Grande Utopia EM evokes a spine, it’s because it’s articulated. True Utopia DNA since the beginning, the Focus Time consists in placing the drivers in an arc shape to orientate them towards the listening point.

This time, the Grande Utopia EM offers a mechanical adjustment to optimize the “Sweet Spot”, perfect listening point.

Articulating a 573lb (260kg) loudspeaker could have been considered as an unacceptable argument at least and without doubt as inconceivable. But too irresistible not to be tried! Thanks to a mechanical system operated by a handle (covered by seamless Chapal leather, the best in Made in France luxury) placed in the back body of the tweeter compartment, the 4 upper enclosures of the Grande Utopia EM can spread out. In the end, the use is simple, the handling is soft and here comes the indefinable satisfaction of having tried and achieved the impossible. A little craziness makes the Utopias move forward.

Structure Gamma

The Gamma structure role is once again obviously simple. All the strength of the magnetic motor must be transmitted to the cone of the driver. If the loudspeaker moves, even in an imperceptible way (vibrations), it’s because there is energy loss.

The loudspeaker must oppose such an inertia and such a rigidity that it must stand up to this force: that’s the Gamma structure principle. To cope with vibrations, we called a French specialist, European leader in that field that put all its know-how to provide vibration cartographies of our cabinets. We can see that mass doesn’t solve everything, neither the thickness of the sides that sometimes reach 23/8” (6cm) thick MDF, but the addition of reinforcement perfectly placed thanks to the data analysis becomes dreadfully efficient.

The new Grande Utopia EM and all the other models of the Utopia 3 range offer the perfect mechanical reference, which is the mark of a reference loudspeaker.